Washer And Dryer

By Ralph Hampton
Good News! 37VT63


A non-vented Splendide Comb-o-matic 2000 washer-dryer will fit in a LNVT 37. We had the standard liquor cabinet eliminated to the left and then inserted the unit into the storage area next to the refrigerator. We had the face of the liquor cabinet kept and fitted flush to the port side. That left a door to the under side deck as a storage area where we keep the laundry related items.[See other picture] We slide a small ironing board along the bottom front of the unit as shown for storage. A teak bi-fold door hides the unit. Due to the construction, we had Corian counter tops installed. FYI, the Corian splash guard behind the sink is eight inches. We changed to a single faucet with a pull out head. Also, the carpenter said there were insulation gaps around the refrigerator. We had those filled with more insulation. Photo to the right shows the under deck laundry storage door open and bi-fold teak door in closed position hiding the washer-dryer unit. The port situated face piece for the laundry storage area used to be the front of the standard liquor cabinet. I've also repaired by myself washer using owner's manual and troubleshooting section there.

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