Peter Lukken
Rick Harrison, Peter Lukken and Roger Irvine
Peter Lukken, Dun Workin 37VT45
Lived aboard 1988 - 2005

The following appeared in Bluewater Charts and Books Newsletter, dated April 2000.

From the bow of his 37-foot Lord Nelson Victory Tug, Peter Lukken looks very comfortable on a boat. Since age 12, when he began sailing a Lido 16 in Amityville, New York, he has logged more than a few miles on the water.

Twenty years with the U.S. Navy provided nearly nine years of sea duty on board destroyers, carriers and other military vessels stationed throughout the Pacific. As a Junior Officer, he served in various capacities including Bridge Watch Stander (executing the captain's directives) and as Combat Information Center Officer. Peter's duties included radar navigation and communication and logistical support events.

Additional assignments included department head tours as Operations Officer where he integrated all ship's systems and support. He served as Surface Warfare Officer employing (operating) the ship and combat systems. As Officer of the Deck he acted as the captain's representative on the bridge, overseeing the ship's operations.

With experience like this, Peter is well-versed in international rules and large ship systems and operations. With tens of thousands of nautical miles, often on the bridge, he can help you with a variety of information. His geographical knowledge includes Australia, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Caledonia, Thailand and Hawaii, to name a few.

Peter retired as a Lt. Commander in 1989 for the opportunity to be "captain of his own destiny," on-board his tug. Up and down the Intracoastal Waterway he logged more than 10,000 miles in his three-year solo journey. Cruising between New York and Key West, he eventually settled in Washington, D.C. at Gangplank Marina and Restaurant where he served as dock steward, dock master and maintenance supervisor for five years.

Upon returning to Ft. Lauderdale in 1992, he was offered the same slip he had stayed previously, which he took as one of the signs to make South Florida his home. He put his feet up for a year, couldn't stay retired and decided to go back to work. Still living aboard, he took a job on shore, but couldn't get far from the nautical theme.

Although Dun Wurkin is the name of his trawler, Peter hasn't been able to actually give up working and that's good, because he's a vital part of the paper and electronic charts team at Bluewater.

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