Ecco Domani's Trip to Alaska (June '08)

Update on: Monday, June 23 2008, as posted on the LNVT Forum msg 602.

We made it to Cordova on Friday (June 20, 2008) after 1508 Nautical Miles logged and a very uneventful crossing of the Gulf of Alaska. We are happy to have finished our journey and are looking forward to exploring Prince William Sound over the next few years. Thanks for all of the support from the group. Let us know if any of you are going to venture across the gulf.

Update on: Monday, June 16 2008, as posted on the LNVT Forum msg 600.

We have had fabulous weather the past two days and are now in Elfin Cove heading across the gulf tomorrow. We have seen so many whales the past few days and got to watch the humpbacks bubble net feeding. What a treat! Photos to follow later. We got so busy watching last night that we did not make it to Hoonah but anchored close by where we were watching the whales and were treated to another spectacular show this morning. Elfin Cove is wonderful and we have a front row view spot on the dock with a couple of humpbacks 100 yards away in the bay and a very friendly sea otter as well. The mountains are spectacular here. A must see place. more later. Dana

Update on: Friday, June 13 2008, as posted on the LNVT Forum msg 597.

We left ketchikan and are heading as far as we can before wrangell narrows tomorrow. One of those calm cloudy days today so cruising is good. We have met up with some friends along the way which has been a nice treat. We found a great patch of steamer and butter clams that were huge so we had a good feast. Nope not giving up the location folks… ; () our captain was right on when he found those. Next is the shrimp pot…cant wait! Thanks or all of the great support from everyone. More later…

Update on: Friday, June 13 2008, as posted on the LNVT Forum msg 594.

We hope to average 70miles a day but it has been slow going. The currents can really slow you down. We have managed that most days with exception of the mechanical delays and waiting for tides. The gulf will require an 18 hour trip to Yakutat. We shall see. So far so good…

Update on: Friday, June 13 2008, as posted on the LNVT Forum msg 592.

We unfortunately wont be doing any siteseeing on this trip and will be skipping Juneau and sitka. We will be heading across the gulf from Elfin Cove We are hoping to return to Southeast for a summer in the near future.

Update on: Friday, June 13 2008, as posted on the LNVT Forum msg 589.

Forgive the spelling and punctuation as email is via my moto Q and the thumbs are tired…; () We arrived in foggy bay to find 5 other boats anchored so space was tight. Gales never came and forecast was for them to arrive in afteroon so we pulled anchor and headed across. Uneventful crossing and we tied up just as the wind started in ketchikan. Weather looks good for the next few days so we are planning long days on the water. Ecco is running well and sipping fuel. We heard diesel in Cordova is over 5.00 a gallon…ugh. ONe other thing we did in Nanaimo was to put a valve in to take the hot water heater out of the loop to the engine so that you have cooler ater going to the engine instead of hot. About an hor before anchor we flip the valve and it heats the water and stays hot all night. Ngine runs cooler too. More later..

Tim and Dana

Update on: Wednesday, June 11 2008, as posted on the LNVT Forum msg 586.

Well, we are slowly making our way norh and are awaiting a gail tonight before crossing Dixon entrance. A few minor mechanical issues but we took care of them in Nanaimo. The folks at the Harbor Chandler were really helpful in finding what we needed. Had the alternor rebuilt. installed a new thermostat and temp guage. and a new Racor secondary fuel filtrarion system which are all running great. Our new Cmap chip lost the data before Nanaimo so the Chandler had their Furuno rep in Victoria cut a new one for us and it was there the next day. All systems are running well. We are heading for Foggy Bay now before the storm tomorrow. Looks like we are not alone as the time is good to go. more later..

Dana and Tim

About 1500 Nautical miles
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