About the LNVT Owners Association

This web site is maintained by the Lord Nelson Victory Tug (LNVT) Owners Association. Our origins date back to 1999 when Tom Blackwood, Thistle Dew 37VT46 and Mitch Page, Scuffy 37VT42, started contacting owners. Over the years all available information about each tug has been recorded, along with the history of the LNVT fleet. The Association is an all-volunteer organization, bringing together a small worldwide community of LNVT owners. We believe that recording and sharing information about our beloved tugs (individually and as a fleet) helps us maintain their condition and their market value. Membership is open to LNVT owners, wannabees, enthusiasts and friends.

Our Mission

  • To add to the fun and enjoyment of our LNVT ownership and boating experiences
  • To provide opportunities for the exchange of information, knowledge and technical data with owners, wannabees, enthusiasts and friends
  • To give value to the entire LNVT fleet through information sharing and community

Member Benefits

  • A subscription to Tuggers, our quarterly newsletter
  • Access to the Association Members Only portion of the LNVT website
  • Assistance with technical LNVT and systems problems and questions
  • Use of LNVT Association resources to attract and connect to potential buyers
  • Being a part of the diverse community of LNVT owners

Your annual membership supports these LNVT Owner Association activities

  • Publication of Tuggers, a quarterly newsletter
  • Annual rendezvous coordination
  • Operation of the Ship's Store (tee shirts, burgees, caps, and pins)
  • Moderation of LNVT discussion Forum
  • Maintenance of this public website,
  • Maintenace of the 'Association Members Only' website which contains:
    • Every issue of Tuggers in PDF format
    • LNVT 37' and 49' blueprints in PDF format
    • LNVT Captains and Wannabe List (Owners, addresses, email, etc.)
    • LNVT Owners Association Financials

How to become a member

Go the the Ship's Store and purchase a membership with your credit card


Use PayPal to send $10.00 to gro.tvnl|rerusaerT#gro.tvnl|rerusaerT. Please include your mailing address, phone number, and (if applicable) boat name and hull number.


Mail your annual membership check for $10.00 (or $20.00 for snail-mailed Tuggers) made payable to the LNVT Association to:


Zelle $10 to gro.tvnl|rerusaert#gro.tvnl|rerusaert.

LNVT Association
John Niccolls, Treasurer
35551 Sassafras Drive
Round Hill, VA 20141

Please include the following information:

Mailing Address
Telephone number
Email address
Boat name and hull number (if you are an LNVT owner)

Questions or Comments?

Don't hesitate to contact any of the LNVT Owner Association Officers —they're happy to help!

LNVT Owners Association Officers

  • Dave Howell, gro.tvnl|tnediserp#gro.tvnl|tnediserp
  • Mike Dunn, gro.tvnl|pv#gro.tvnl|pv
  • John Niccolls, gro.tvnl|rerusaert#gro.tvnl|rerusaert
  • Sally Seymour, gro.tvnl|yraterces#gro.tvnl|yraterces
  • Sulane and John McDonough, gro.tvnl|rotide#gro.tvnl|rotide
  • Lee Anderson, Chief Technology Officer, gro.tvnl|otc#gro.tvnl|otc
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