49VT07 Polar Mist
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HIN: OEY490070488 more photos
Hull Laid: April 1988
Yard: Ocean Eagle Yachts, Taiwan
Ken in his spotless engine room

Owner History

Owner Bought Sold Boat's Name Home Port
Ken Smith and Pat Diehl 1998 Polar Mist Sidney, British Columbia, Canada
Joe Orem 1998 Mom's Victory Bellingham, WA

Mechanical and Engine Detail





2008/2009 Improvements as reported at Tug Talk Bremerton

  • A lot of varnish this year. Much of it was interior work. Uses Minwax Helmsman semigloss spar varnish (has UV inhibitors). If there are dark areas in the wood they can be Lightened with oxalic acid. Areas which get a lot of sun (like window frames, hatch casing, etc.) get a gloss coat of high UV resistant varnish. Uses 12 coats of varnish.
  • Completely removed the mast and boom assembly and rebuilt the whole thing. Angled the spreaders aft. Put on new LED driven deck and anchor lights. The LED lights have gotten much brighter as compared to a year and a half ago. Particularly effective is the anchor light that has a single LED which shines upward against a conical reflector.
  • Put a drain in the chain locker that drains into a shower sump. Now can hose out the chain locker with freshwater and none of the effluent goes into the bilge.
  • Interior wood projects: chart storage in the overhead.
  • Added a freshwater wash down on the fore deck. Added a second saltwater wash down on fore deck. Removed all of Tommy's old water fixtures and replaced them with ¼ turn hardware obtained from Fisheries in Seattle. Replaced the original black water hose with Shield Flex 2 wire reinforced hose.
  • Replaced the start batteries.
  • Putting wooden drawer guides in (center 't' rail type) to ease drawer opening. Done about 6 so far.
  • Plan to remove the Bomar deck hatches next year and replace them with 4-dog hatches.
  • For bedding compounds Ken uses BoatLife or Dolpinite—not 5200 which is an adhesive.
  • Adding cable raceways.
  • Rebuilt the day head.
  • Installing wireless anchor chain counters. Works with a hall effect sensor. It can even run the bow thruster and the windlass too. Costs about $450 ea.
  • To get mold out of the window track—silver water or vinegar and water.

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