37VT74 Cruz-In
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HIN: OEY370740988 more photos
Hull Laid: September 1988
Yard: Ocean Eagle Yachts, Taiwan
Jay and Marty
Boca Chica, FL in February 2010
Helm's navigation instrumentation

Cruz-in is for sale. Please see https://www.yachtworld.com/yacht/1988-lord-nelson-tug-8843151/ for details.

Owner Bought Sold Boat's Name Home Port
Jay Sterling and Marty Raymond 3 January 2006 Cruz-In Boca Chica Key, FL
Walter and Peggy Bacon 1993 3 January 2006 Wayfarer Branford, CT
James Cooke1 1993 Wayfarer San Diego, CA

About the Owners (current and former)

Sterling and Raymond: Bought Wayfarer in Branford, CT. Moved her to great Bay Marina in Newington, NH. When it came time to rename her, Jay liked the name Cruzan (as in rum) but Marty wasn't sold on that. In the end they settled on Cruz-In. In 2008 cruised Cruz-In to Boca Chica Key, Florida. They are both avid scuba divers.

The Bacons: Trucked Wayfarer from Anacortes, WA to St. Louis. They cruised down the Mississippi, to the Ohio River, down to the Gulf, and the Keys. For almost twenty years they cruised the east coat to the Bahamas, and all portions of the Great Loop save Chicago to St. Louis. Walt loved to make devices to increase the pleasure of boating on his LNVT. Some of his ideas can be found in The Hawse Pipe in back issues of Tuggers.


  • Mehrkens Galley (i.e. galley to starboard)

Mechanical and Engine Detail

  • Cummins 4BT3.9M turbo diesel 5286 hrs
  • 4 bladed left hand 24x20 prop





  • Painted with Awl Grip (2004)
  • mast aft of stack

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