37VT20 Best Buddy
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HIN: OEY370201084 more photos
Hull Laid: October 1984
Yard: Ocean Eagle Yachts, Taiwan
Custom cabinets in the Galley
(drawing by Tom Blackwood)

Owner Bought Sold Boat's Name Home Port
Michael and Jana Goodrich April 2023 Best Buddy Erie, PA
Brian (Tosh) Chontosh January 2013 April 2023 Petite Wazo Annapolis, MD
Miles and Linda Portlock October 1998 January 2013 Blue Jacket Gwynns Island, VA
Howard S. Turk 1995 October 1998 Gold Dust Wilmington, NC
Phil Derrig1 1985 Park Ridge, IL

About the Owners (past and present)

The Portlocks: Ahoy! We purchased our LNVT in Oct. '98 and have fallen in love. Our captain is former Navy and thus the name Blue Jacket. We have received so much attention that we actually moved to a less accessible part of the marina to have some peace and quiet! Linda and Bill moved aboard in 2002. Linda Portlock was Editor of Tuggers Volumes 6-12.

Sep 2012: Miles says, "As far as I know we were the first ones to have the overhead cabinets. It was an idea from my local cabinet maker and boat builder who lives here on Gwynns Island. He has also done work on other LNVTs. He can build anything that has to do with a boat or house."

Howard Turk: "I purchased it in 1995 and kept it in Waukegan, IL until August 1997 when I brought it (on its bottom) to Wilmington, NC. The boat only had 600 hours when I bought it. I added heat/AC, refrigeration, bow thruster, Loran, GPS, radar, Horizon windlass, TV/VCR, diesel cabin heater, microwave, Trojan 8D EV batteries, inverter, and genset. The boat performed flawlessly for the trip. When purchased there was a lot of cosmetic deterioration. I've completely stripped and varnished all exterior teak and will be adding Imron paint on the exterior. The boat has a dark blue hull, eyebrow above pilot house and top of stack. The cabin is white. All leaks have been removed and I am currently living aboard and loving it!

Although I single hand a lot, I have never docked without attracting so much interest when approaching a dock or harbor, that people gravitate to my touch point, and gladly accept my lines. Big benefit! I'm currently installing a 12" Kahlenberg tugboat air whistle on the stack, that will give the authentic "toot-toot."

Phil Derrig: Purchased the boat in Miami in 1985 and brought it to Reef Point Marina (Racine, WI) in 1989 and put it into storage in 1991. Installed a custom front window that tilts outward, and had an expandable settee in the salon constructed.


  • Galley to port

Mechanical and Engine Detail





Original Purchase Information2

Date Ordered Buyer/Brokerage Hull Laid OEY's Cost to Build3 Shipping Cost from Taiwan Date Shipped Date Arrived in US Closing Sale Date Misc. Expenses4 Admiralty Ltd. Profit Approximate Delivered Price5
10/84 Victory Tugs of FL. 10/84 $54,892.88 $10,943.40 01/15/85 02/10/85 02/08/85 $1,872.44 $8,966.28 $76,675.00

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