37VT05 Miss Willoughby
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HIN: HAO370051083 more photos
Hull Laid: October 1983
Yard: Hai O Yachts, Taiwan
Mariah and Beau Hicks

Owner History

Owner Bought Sold Boat's Name Home Port
Beau and Mariah Hicks May 2018 Miss Willoughby Marathon, FL in the Keys
Carl and Laura Butterfield 1991 May 2018 Carla B. Ithaca, NY
Bill and Betty DeWitt 1991 Betty D. II

About the Owners - Current

Hicks: Beau & I had been looking for a new live-aboard boat after losing our 41' Island Trader, Xantao, in Hurricane Irma. After living on a sailboat for over a year we had learned what we liked & disliked in a live-aboard which is why we decided to move over to a trawler style our second time around. We came across the Lord Nelson Victory Tugs while perusing yachtworld.com and quickly became enamored with this style of boat. When we found out how awesome the community is and the wealth of information provided about the boats on the LNVT website we knew this was the one for us! Now that we've been living on her for over a year we are happy as can be and we're glad to be continuing our dream of living aboard in the Florida Keys!

Butterfields: We fell in love with our Lord Nelson while she belonged to the previous owners. On returning from a trip to look at a Nordic Tug, we found this Lord Nelson for sale and bought her in 1991. We have traveled the waterways of the northeast to include the Trent Severn Waterway, the Rideau and the Richelieu in Canada. Home port is in Ithaca, at the south end of Cayuga Lake in the Fingerlakes area of New York, and of course we travel the Erie Canal here in New York State.
— From a 1999 letter from Carl Butterfield


  • Galley to port

Mechanical and Engine Detail

  • Yanmar 4JH4-HTE 150hp (new Nov '10)





  • mast midships

Original Purchase Information1

Date Ordered Buyer/Brokerage Hull Laid Hai O's Cost to Build2 Shipping (from Taiwan)3 Misc. Expenses4 Admiralty Ltd. Profit Date Shipped from Taiwan Closing Sale Date Approximate Delivered Price5
9/9/1983 Brightstar Yacht 10/83 $53,736.30 $8,543.50 $953.74 $7,709.96 12/24/83 1/13/84 $72,687.34

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